Choosing the Perfect Colour for Summer Brides

Summer weddings are always difficult to manage in India. Reason? The weather can act as a spoiler any time; you simply cannot choose to wear a heavy dress and wait impatiently to complete your wedding vows. Plus, brides need to look their radiant best for the photographs; because once the wedding is over, all you have are those memories etched in albums. Summer brides need to be cautious while picking up their colours for various occasions. Here are a few tips to get you started…

Marsala is the colour of the year; it is bold, dramatic and is enoughly beautiful to make an impression. A lehenga, not too heavy, but with clean cuts in this bold colour will make you look every bit radiant you need to for your wedding. Shades of blue are always good to look at for summer weddings. The aquamarine blue has a calm effect and is ideal for daytime functions. A monochromatic outfit in this colour will look simply superb; but teaming it with glacier grey will add an extra ounce of style to your saree. For those brides who are looking for exotic colours, the scuba blue can be the colour of your wedding. It is a beautiful colour with oodles of oomph attached to it; so if you are tired of those boring shades suggested by your mother and aunt, it is time to pick up a scuba blue saree for the special occasion.

If you are keen to stick to the more stylish brand of colours with a little fusion twist, the strawberry ice can be quite a revelation. This fresh shade of pink paired with royal blue or purple can never go wrong. It will be every bit stylish you want it to be, without compromising on the traditional quotient. This entire array of colours can throw you in a tussle and it may hamper your better sense and judgement. When in doubt, always stick to basic colours like plum, white and olive green. It is best to avoid black or navy blue which might look gorgeous, but will be a little heavy for summer weddings.

Whatever you choose, you should always feel comfortable in the colour you are wearing. Feel good in whatever you wear for the big day and it will reflect in your photographs. Discuss your colour preferences with your designer and select your colour accordingly.


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