Choosing the Right Look for your Wedding: How should you do your Bridal Make-up?

Now that you are engaged and getting ready for the big day, it is time to step up and start a beauty routine. The days between the engagement and the wedding are numbered and soon you will find yourself pressed for time in between all the preparations. To have the quintessential bridal glow on the D day, you need to start early. You can schedule a make-up consultation at least two weeks before the wedding, and if possible sign up for a trial run.

If it a summer wedding, you need to be extra cautious. Drink lots of water and avoid any spicy and sugary food before the big day which will lead to belly fat or bloating. Stay away from carbs, even if you are tempted to munch on French fries to ease the wedding jitters. Before the wedding, opt for regular hair routine as well; ask your consultant for some worthy tips for that extra lustre and shine in your hair.

When it comes to wedding, being traditional is not really a bad idea. A classic look can never go wrong. You can use a bronze tone to give a warm glow to your skin. When you use foundation staying powder, add a bit of gel foundation primer before applying makeup. To avoid unwanted shine, dust a bit of loose powder. Both the concealer and base should have a golden tone as this will give you the perfect bridal glow in photographs. For the eyes, you can use neutrals to highlight the contours. It is always good to select classic eyeliner shades like navy, black and brown. For the hint of that radiant blush, select a warm cheek shade like rose, peach or pink. Always blend the blush evenly on your face, so that there is no excess. You should apply lip-liner under the lipstick to make it last long.

And now for some useful beauty tips to look flawless in the sweltering Indian summer:

  • To ensure that you do not have a messy makeup, pick any setting spray which will seal your bridal make-up and make it last for at least 8 hours.
  • Everyone has some unique feature in their face; it can be the eyes, lips or the cheek bones. You need to highlight your best feature, so that it stands out. If you have beautiful eyes, you need to highlight them with a darker shade to create a smoky effect.
  • Even when you are on a strict diet and healthy routine, there will be some sneaky skin flaws which can disrupt your entire make-up. You can use either a concealer or a corrector to rectify the flaws. Correctors can mend flaws like dark circles or puffiness under the eye. Use them before a concealer and then apply the foundation.

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