Musings of A March Bride

As March is the first month of spring, this month is best known for beginnings, growth and happiness. Best wedding store in Kolkata expresses the view on the month March as the month of expectation, a March wedding brings great expectation and lots of surprises for the newlyweds.

Rejuvenate Yourself in The Wedding Aisle

As March brings the chance of new beginning, getting married in this month brings romance, creativity and excitements in your life. Don up the wedding venue with flowers like daffodils and lilies. These spring flowers represent rebirth and new beginning. Use shamrock for its ability to endure any challenges.

The March Outfits

Aquamarine is the gemstone of March. Designer lehengas in Kolkata advises to go for the colors like light blue or turquoise blue for the bridal lehengas or gowns. These colors symbolize for a safe journey or voyage after marriage. Pale blue has the ability to keep a cool temper and to remain calm in all situations.

What Bijouterie to Flaunt

The most coveted star of the wedding evening is the bride; a March bride has lots of reasons for smile because just like the bridal outfits jewellery also becomes brighter and hotter this time. A spring bride can easily flaunt heavily ensemble jewellery and an elaborate hair do.


A bridal makeup in March needs to be elaborate and glorious. One false step can ruin the D day completely so leave the entire affair on some expert and do not try amateurish experiments with your bridal looks. Accessories should complement your outfit and should not look loud.

Fusion Gowns

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A good choice for reception party in the month of March; fusion gown is a blend of contemporary and traditional design. Lavishly embellished and embroidered net gowns give a svelte look to any bride for sure. Colors like toasted almond, strawberry ice, scuba blue are hot and happening.

Lavish Indian wedding are coveted occasion across the globe. Indian bridal outfits deserve a strong hold in countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Asia. Indian designer houses hold a well built position when a bridal collection is concerned. Be wise to choose and adorn the best on your spring wedding.



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