February Bride Style Tips

A February bride is a spring bride and so she needs to be stylish. Here we share with you some essential style tips for the February bride. Read on to know more…

Perfect Bridal Wear for February


Violet is the color of the month, wear it on your wedding day and bring tranquility, wisdom along with happiness when embracing the new life. Best bridal lehenga store in Kolkata suggests an elaborate wedding outfit either in violet or lavender that suits you the best. The venue should have some mauve colored flowers mixed and matched with white lily. A violet bride should stand out in this ambience.

The Palatial Attire With Gorgeous Makeup


Heavily embroidered crepe dress in pink color is nice for a February bride. Kathakali prints are also in nowadays embossed on a long stitched sari made from high quality silks or velvet. Vintage floral look brings sophistication and elegance in an outfit and will give an haute look if in rich blue or sap green. Smokey eye makeup adorned with elaborate hairdo will give a perfect finishing to your already glamorous look.

The Bijouterie What to Choose


The star of the wedding evening is the bride; a February bride has lots of reasons for smile because just like the bridal outfits jewelry also becomes brighter and hotter this time. A Valentine bride can easily flaunt heavily ensemble jewelry. Add sparkle to your hairdo with flowers like roses and calla lilies embellished with crystals. Keep everything classic and minimal in vintage inspired pieces from the best stores.

What Is So Special About February Wedding

Unanimously more people prefer February in India while deciding the dates and times for a wedding as the weather is lovely and the groom, the bride and the invitees can don good makeup and outfits. Every gorgeous color has a say this time so choose any one, the charming February sky tends to highlight vibrant colors beautifully.




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