Look Cool in Humid Monsoon

Being stylish and comfortable can be a challenge in the rainy season. But with a little creativity and interest you can sport a cool look even during the heavy downpour.

The outfits to flaunt

Pastel colored short peppy dresses are perfect for monsoon. The happening dresses to flaunt this time are skirts, capris, dungarees, sling tops, cargo pants etc.

You can shop for some short kurtis and tops that can be donned up with matching leggings or jeggings. Long dupattas can be replaced with scarves or stoles. Those who prefer salwar-kameez can go for synthetic fabrics and vibrant colors to reversely match the grey sky.

Fabrics like blended cotton and polynylon are ideal for monsoon as they can be dried easily.


Neon colors are big yes this time so get a pink or transparent umbrella with intricate prints on it or say yes to tangy orange or pineapple yellow rain coats. Be bold and get noticed.

A transparent body length coat with a peppy zipper and vibrant clothing underneath it will give a soothing effect to the entire attire.

High heels and leather boots are completely no-no this time. Go for flip flops, flat ballerinas, crocs and water proof floaters in energetic neon colors.

The Ideal Makeup

Your makeup should provide a minimalistic look during rains. Foundations are not welcomed. Use a little moisturizer along with BB cream and apply on your skin. Use nude base for nail and lip colors as loud makeup does not look good this season. Waterproof mascara and eyeliners are good if used wisely. Scrub your face regularly to avoid pimples.

A proper Diet to Follow in Monsoon

Maintain the basic hygiene and develop a healthy life style before facing the rain with a broad smile on your face. Always carry your drinking water with you and do not drink from outside before being 100% sure about the purity.

Ginger tea, green tea and tulsi tea are best for immunity and alcohol is a strict no-no this season, as it damages the immune system. Seasonal fruits like Pomegranates, Plums, Litchis, Pears, Guavas and vegetables like Carrots, Radishes, Bitter Gourds are best to have in monsoon. Follow a daily exercise regime to stay fit.

Monsoon in India is the most intriguing and unique season, with a little creativity and interest you can look radiant and cool even in rains.





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