Dress Up Pretty For the Monsoon Wedding In The Offing

The monsoon showers bring with it happiness, joy, gaiety and the hope for a new beginning. This is the time when we leave the old behind us and embrace the new that is standing in front of us. This season is also the time when many couples – smitten in love, take the matrimonial plunge. While the feeling is ethereal, the time is a torture. This is the time when a heavy bridal dress is impossible to don and jewellery makes you edgy and irritated. Keeping in mind such situations, we bring to you some spring dressing for the brides.


Source from Simaaya

Light Dress for Grand Occasions

Sarees and lehengas are the must wear attire during a wedding for a woman. However, in summer, the winter fabrics are not at all popular. This is the time to go for light silk or a banarasi saree which looks heavy but is quite light and easy to carry. Kanjeevaram sarees are another popular option or if you have no problem with it, wear a gorgeous georgette saree bought from the best saree store Kolkata has.


Source from Simaaya

When it comes to designer lehengas in Kolkata, it is the blouse which is of great importance. Make sure that it is made of some light material that would not make you pant. Sleeveless are preferred, but if that is a bit too radical, then go for net transparent sleeves that are airy.

The embellishments are another important part of the bridal trousseau in monsoon and the embroidery can consist of zari, gota and gold and silver thread work.

Craze For Colour

Colours are equally important and rather than opting for the traditional colours like red and orange, you can definitely try green, yellow, fuschia, coral and magenta. These are monsoon colours and will look good while keeping the pomp intact.


Source from Simaaya

 Mind Your Steps

Not many people pay attention to the footwear they sport in monsoon. However, just like dresses, appropriate footwear is very important. Go for open toed footwear that allows your feet to breathe and avoid straps because you have to open your sandals innumerable times to complete the rituals.

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While sarees and lehengas are for the brides, the sister and mother of the bride can go for pretty salwars brought from the best salwar store Kolkata has to offer us. Whatever the dress you choose, make sure that you can stay comfortable and enjoy the moments before you.


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