The July Bride: Dazzle and Shine At Your Wedding

If you are getting married this monsoon you must be in love with the pitter patter of showers. Get inspired from the nature and look graceful as you deck yourself for the D day.

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Wedding Dress

Material: It is advisable to opt for a material that is light as in India, despite monsoon the weather is often humid and warm. Whether you are going for a designer lehenga or a saree choose silk. Although many have misconception that silk is inappropriate for this season, but it is only so if you go for those heavy ones. Monsoon is the perfect time to look cool and flaunt those halter neck blouses and spaghetti straps. Make a designer blouse from Simaaya, the Best saree store of Kolkata.



Shade: Choose the right shade that suits your complexion. Although this is the perfect time for pastel shades, you can mix and match it with a vibrant shade too. Red is a color that will always remain a popular shade among the Indians, especially for the weddings. Instead of choosing a blazing red, go for a cherry red or fuchsia this season.



This is the perfect time to go ethnic. So, if you are a Bengali wear a golden bordered red Benarasi. From Kashmiri inspired silks to soft chiffons, choose a design which evokes the feel of your culture. Add a zing to your outfit by adding sequins or mirror work to it.



Do your hair so that it blends well with your attire. Though loose strands can make you look extremely attractive, but in the sweaty heat of humid monsoon, it’s better to tie up a bun. If you are hiring a professional, then you can go for those stylish messy buns.

Best Bridal lehenga store in Kolkata, Designer lehengas in kolkata

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The right accessory can add that dramatic effect to your attire. Bridal jewelleries are although heavy, it is good to avoid those heavy chokers. Instead smart chains and neckpieces will add elegance to your look.


Source from Simaaya


When opting for makeup, choose a good moisturizer. Avoid matte shades; instead opt for soft yet glowing shades. Water based make ups are perfect for the season and use the waterproof makeup as it ensures that it will stay for long without getting smudged. Use fruity shades and flavours that goes well with the season.


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Look stunning and beautiful with these simple tips and be the happening July bride.


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